Bed Quilt Sizing Calculator

Bed Quilt Sizing
Sizing Guidelines

This Calculator is Interactive -- Enter the Numbers and Variables and Quilt Size Calc Will Be Automatically Done For You
Camlyn Quilts Uses These Calculations to Price and Size Custom Quilts and we hope you find it as useful as we do.
Note:  Calculator updated 11-22-2013 to Correct Reported Errors
  • Below you will find standard bed sizing.  Mattress thickness figures vary.  Verify all sizes for the bed being fitted for.
  • Mattress Thickness Times 2 is automatically added to width for Quilt Calculation and also added to length for Beds Without a Foot Board
  • Height of Pillow as used in Calculating Pillow Tuck Allowance for Quilt Length is treated as if pillow is square.  Obviously they are not.   Curve calculations and calculus involved to derive an actual dimensional adjustment are far beyond our needs here.  Just know that the length dimension add for pillow tuck is greater than needed.
  • Pillow Tuck Allowance Does Not Double in Calculation.  An allowance of 4 inches gives a folded tuck of 2 inches.  With the generous length addition from height of pillow compromise 
  • Skirt Overlap is that amount beyond the Mattress Thickness, If you Want the Quilt to Hang All the Way to the Floor Enter Skirt Overlap as Bed Height Less Mattress Thickness