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Eda Lee Haas Queen Quilt 73.5 x 73.5. Judy Niemeyer "Fire Island Hosta", batiks front and back. 100515. Range 5.5 Quilting/ "Pebbles" in vein of pieced Hosta leaves/ "Wiggle Lines" in veins of whole Hosta leaves/ "Leaves" in whole leaves/ "Pebbles" around leaves in light green/ "Wiggle Lines" in pieced leaves and n light green behind spikes/ "Thread Play" in dark blue spikes on p[pieced leaves/; "L's" in dark blue triangles on outside of leaves/ "Seaweed" in spikes of outer arcs/ "L's" in pieced arches/ "Arch of Leaves" stitched in four corners of background/ "Medium Stipple" behind stitched feather arch/ "Wiggle Line" in turquoise border/ "Loops" in dark blue border/ "Leaves" in outside border. Hobbs 80/20 batting
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